Figure Skater Performs Big Lebowski Themed Routine

February 6, 2014


The Big Lebowski: it's an important part of every person's life. And to celebrate The Dude, this is a short video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon of Tara Lipinski performing a Big Lebowski themed routine without ever spilling her White Russian (likely just non-fat milk). That's some serious talent -- I can barely sit on a bar stool without spilling my beer and here she is skating around with a drink like it's nothing. The routine is only a minute long though, so it's not exactly Olympic material. "Yeah, well, yaknow -- that's just like, your opinion, man." I see what you did there, and I'll allow it. You know how many times I've started watching the Big Lebowski after coming home from a night of partying? At least a hundred. And you know how many times I've actually finished it? Maybe one out of ten. I get the sleepies. "You take bong hits till you pass out." I GET THE SLEEPIES.

Keep going for the video, along with the original number from the movie.

Thanks to Rob, who agrees if she'd been holding a bowling ball in the other hand, that would have really been something.

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