Every Transformer Transformation From The Movies

February 5, 2014


PROTIP: Don't stare at the above GIF for too long or you will get vertigo and pass out.

This is the compilation video edited by Youtuber Tunglebrek featuring all Transformer transformations from the movies that are currently out. So there aren't any of the dragon/dino ones from the Superbowl commercial they ran for 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' where we all simultaneously yelled, "Oh shit, Marky Mark is in the new Transformers movie?!" Still, all the other ones are there. Which was great because I stopped watching the movies after the original so I feel like I just knocked out all the good parts of the second two in ten minutes. I suppose you could argue there are other good parts, but that will only make me trust your opinion even less.

Keep going for the action-packed video.

Thanks to Ashley V, who told me it only takes her 20-minutes to transform for work in the morning.

  • Ozolz .

    How the fuck do they transform metal into rubber for the tires????? PLOT HOLE

  • Subway

    Where is smoking girl?

  • stuffsticks

    Im so happy i never actually wasted my time to sit through these movies..
    So many tiny ridiculous moving parts that you can't actually see a transformation, just a bunch of spinning gears and then suddenly car/robot.

    Bay is an idiot and he is actively trying to ruin all our childhood favourites. He's the next Uwe Boll

  • beastium

    shut up faggit

  • stuffsticks

    Sorry Michael, learn to take criticism or get the fuck outta town.

    If you not Michael Bay then please go back to sucking his dick

  • so thats why its called Transformers.

  • joevsyou

    pretty cool stufff

  • Holy shit, no joke on the Vertigo. Evil GIF is EVIL.

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