Disney Princesses As Game Of Thrones Characters

February 20, 2014


Note: Larger version of the above picture HERE, closeups of each princess and what character they're supposed to be (in case you couldn't tell) after the jump.

This is a series of 13 Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters as imagined by DeviantARTist DjeDjehuti (aka Sam Tsui). They're good. But I'm going to be honest, I used to be Disney Princesses' biggest fan (you should see my past birthday and Christmas lists), but I'm kind of over them. It's still fun to get my picture taken with them at Disneyland every month, but my love has changed. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe I'm growing down. Maybe I'm just growing fatter, and there's nothing sadder than a fat man with a bedroom full of Disney princess collectables. Cue my music!

♫ Sure, I've got Disney Princess everything

I've got dolls and plushies a-plenty
I've got tea sets and playsets galore
You want bobbleheads?
I've got twenty!
But who cares?
No big deal
I want mooooooooore ♫

"Did you just--" Sing my own version of the Little Mermaid song? You're damn right I did, and I'll never gonna stop. You don't quit Disney, Disney is a LIFELONG LIFESTYLE, like tattoos and cats. "But what about all the things you said two minutes ago?" That was just to trick the haters! You think a man with a Disney tattoo on his ass is gonna drop them so easily? "Wait -- what Princess did you get?" WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I GOT? "Ariel?" *tugs down back of jeans* "BEAST?!" *wink* If I jiggle my ass it looks like he's shaking himself dry after a bath.

Keep going for closeups of each princess.














Thanks to Rebekah, ness, NomDaPlumb, Thornbush Hero, CN, Jackie M, fruitbag and Nick, who *waving magic wand* I grant the wish to live happily ever after. Just kidding, i don't have that power, but good luck anyways.

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