Daaaaaaaw: Two-Legged Cat Walks Like A T-Rex

February 28, 2014


This is Mercury the two legged cat. He was found at five weeks old with no front legs. Now he's having the time of his life. The folks that adopted him set up a Facebook page called Raising Mercury with a ton of pictures and you can find a bunch of videos at their Youtube page. I just spent a solid twenty minutes watching them. He's a precious angel. My dog? My dog just shit on the floor by the bookcase because she refuses to go to the bathroom outside when its raining even though I did it myself to show her there was nothing to be afraid of. Neighbor wasn't thrilled about it, but I hate that guy anyways. You want to describe my bare ass to the police, go for it.

Keep going for several more pics and videos.






Thanks to lilco, for reminding me there are still beautiful people in the world.

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