Clever: Bulletin Board Push-Pins That Look Like Insects

February 14, 2014


These are the Insect Pushpins available from CB2. $10 gets you two mosquitoes and two ants. For reference, that's $2.50 apiece, or more than 250x what I'm comfortable paying for a pushpin. Still, they look cool. I just wish I was at a place in my life where I could afford novelty pushpins. You know how many Ramens $10 will get me from the international foods market down the street? Fifty-two and a half. They usually frown on me cracking that last package in half, but I just stare at them like they're the crazy ones. What do you mean you can't sell half a package of Ramen, I JUST BOUGHT ONE DIDN'T I? (Although I did take the whole flavor packet)

Thanks to BBQ, who sounds like a great idea this weekend.

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