Classic: The Old 'Wake Up To Your Bed Getting Blasted 50 Meters Through The Roof' Prank

February 7, 2014


This is a wake-up prank from the Japanese special Dokkiri Award (Japanese TV is the best) of comedian Toshiaki Kasuga being launched through the roof of a cabin at the base of Mt. Fuji one morning. Apparently the show managed to get Toshiaki drunk the night before, then strapped him to the bed in the cabin for the prank the next morning. Man, I've gotten drunk and strapped to a bed before -- it was awesome. I'm joking, you see this scar? She took my spleen.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best wake-up prank is the one on yourself when you roll out of bed in the middle of the night.

  • rd

    To me it looks scripted.

    How can you not feel you are being strapped.
    Nature of japanese people is safety. For sure he is also strapped underneath his comforter. Or else you will send him flying.

  • fdafda

    its the way of bushido. you go into a prank expecting, looking, to die. that way when you don't its a nice surprise. (also you're supposed to fight harder if you aren't praying you'll live through it in the back of your mind the whole time.)

  • Lee

    Not being racist but either those construction workers had part ninja while they were strapping him down and setting up OR... the man was properly drugged the night before?

  • Kira00

    How is it racist calling someone a ninja?

  • Kanger

    The article says the crew got him really drunk.

  • Ramuran

    Oh... that sucks. It would terrifying enough without a hangover...

  • Mr. K

    Can we do this with Beiber? Only like...forget the whole "safety strap" part?

  • baal

    When she asked if I wanted bouncy bouncy, i had no idea this is what she meant.

  • Imadethisnameup

    Man, we really fucked them up with that A-bomb.

  • $18889437

    But... they did create Godzilla as a metaphor for the bomb... so in a way we get partial credit for that one.

  • Guest

    and then oddly godzilla turned into a force of do they subconsciously want to nuke us back?

  • wtf

    they were like that way before. if anything it mellowed them out some

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