British Woman Arrested For Trolling Her Own Facebook

February 6, 2014


Seen here looking surprisingly more ogre than troll, 24-year old Michelle Chapman poses for her mugshot after being arrested for trolling herself on Facebook. Just let that sink in for awhile. Then, grab a bucket or wastebasket and try to catch the pieces of your brain as they drip off the ceiling.

Michelle Chapman, 24, launched her bizarre online campaign after falling out with her father and new stepmother, a court heard.

She created bogus Facebook accounts for the couple and other family members and sent herself hundreds of vile sexual taunts.

Chapman then reported the abuse to police - claiming she had been trolled - to frame them.

Officers arrested her stepmother and issued warnings to her father and other bewildered relatives.

Chapman's year-long vendetta was only rumbled when internet experts established the offending Facebook accounts had been set up using the computer at her home in Par, Cornwall.

Chapman received a sentence of 20-months in jail and is not allowed to use computer equipment anymore. Jail I could deal with, but no internet? I just couldn't go on. One time the internet went out in my apartment for two hours and police had to talk me off the roof. They were all, 'SIR, STOP MASTURBATING AND RETURN TO YOUR HOME.' (I get weird with no internet).

Thanks to Pete, who accused me of trolling readers sometimes which is 100% true but I only do it because you deserve it.

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