British Woman Arrested For Trolling Her Own Facebook

February 6, 2014


Seen here looking surprisingly more ogre than troll, 24-year old Michelle Chapman poses for her mugshot after being arrested for trolling herself on Facebook. Just let that sink in for awhile. Then, grab a bucket or wastebasket and try to catch the pieces of your brain as they drip off the ceiling.

Michelle Chapman, 24, launched her bizarre online campaign after falling out with her father and new stepmother, a court heard.

She created bogus Facebook accounts for the couple and other family members and sent herself hundreds of vile sexual taunts.

Chapman then reported the abuse to police - claiming she had been trolled - to frame them.

Officers arrested her stepmother and issued warnings to her father and other bewildered relatives.

Chapman's year-long vendetta was only rumbled when internet experts established the offending Facebook accounts had been set up using the computer at her home in Par, Cornwall.

Chapman received a sentence of 20-months in jail and is not allowed to use computer equipment anymore. Jail I could deal with, but no internet? I just couldn't go on. One time the internet went out in my apartment for two hours and police had to talk me off the roof. They were all, 'SIR, STOP MASTURBATING AND RETURN TO YOUR HOME.' (I get weird with no internet).

Thanks to Pete, who accused me of trolling readers sometimes which is 100% true but I only do it because you deserve it.

  • wtf

    Sounds like she was arrested for false report and fraiming not for trolling. Misleading headline is misleading/

  • DrZanz

    Welcome to Britain, we have some of the hottest, but most of the ugliest women in the world.

  • Bubbubsky

    I think it's safe to say from looking at her that there are some serious genetic issues at work here. Not just because she's physically unattractive, but the sores and scabs....not to mention the clear mental problems. It's sad.

  • wtf

    acne scabs are a serious genetic disesase?

  • Guest

    I think she was trolling her own facbook from the moment she put her first picture up

  • Guest
    this jolly tune just got alot sadder

  • Adibobea9

    These are the same type of people that "Like" all of their own Facebook statuses because no one else will…

  • Guest

    you're being such a dick. kicking her when shes down by pointing out how sad and pathetic she is being. "could it be that you and me were always meant to be together, could it be that you need me, the one, the worst of your archenemies, say that we'll be kisimmees.

    oh yes my old friend, you are a master of this game. the hidden blade where you pretend you don't even know my name, well played"

    <3< <3< <3<

  • Guest


  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's sad. When you are so lonely you have to target yourself for abuse.

  • fdfdafdsa

    Dear me: go fuck yourself.
    You mean you don't leave notes like that for yourself to keep your self confidence on its toes? Just me?

  • Guest

    everybody should have somebody to hate them. its a special bond.
    you know that feeling, when you meet that special someone who makes you relevent? because you hate them.
    its sad for everybody to reject her caliginous advances so thouroughly you have to troll yourself to avoid spiraling into depression. the internet should be asshamed of their callousness to the feelings of hate deep in this fine young girl's bile sack. <3< ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ <3< you cold hearted bastards making fun of her can all go deficate in a bucket. you'll never understand true hate I bet you can't even feel!!!! >:0

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Well I hate you for sure!

  • steve holt

    Damn, she fine. And by fine, i mean she scared away my next 14 erections.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    dubbya tee eff that aint me?!

  • Guest

    according to the heatmap that means you're feeling either contempt or pride

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