Bragger: Guy Gets World Map Tattoo Colored In As He Visits All The Countries

February 6, 2014


This is the world map tattoo that backpacker Bill Passman got on his back in 2010. He has the countries colored in as he visits them all. What's that little country north of Australia and east of China. "A mole." Never heard of it. I'd like to get a similar tattoo, but I'd have to figure out how to put the moon on there too. "You have not been to the moon." Oh really, then how do you explain THIS? Booya! "Cheese with green food coloring?" F***, you're good -- you're sharp.

Thanks to PYY, who has been to all the countries and agrees outerspace is the coolest one.

  • this is first time i seen...

  • Luke

    This is one of the best tattoo ideas I have ever heard of. I like it because all of them will have stories to go with his life. I think one thing that could make it even better would be, putting a small symbol that reminds him of something in each country.

  • Eloisa Louceiro

    That west Europe is all kinds of wrong!

  • Nick Carangi

    a world map tattooed on his back, this man is great. what will he do when a country breaks apart or is renamed? painful removal surgery is what.

  • Nathjam

    I'm just trying to figure out if he's getting it done by each country he visits, why wasn't Alaska and the USA coloured in at the same time?

  • Darran Coy

    why'd he get the Mediterranean coloured in?

  • Sir Whinesalot

    All that work to be destroyed by that terrible projection

  • Porcula salvania

    beats the avatar guy's tattoo

  • iofo61

    What country is that brown irregular shaped blob off the coast of the Philippines?

  • CawaLimon

    Russia must have been a bitch to get done.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I can tell you from experience that the British Isles, France, Spain, Morroco and the Mediterranean Sea would have been a whole lot more painful than the whole of Russia and China combined.

  • Why is the Mediterranean coloured in?

  • No Hawaii? Lame.

  • John_Drake

    Africa and the middle east seem a little sparse. Pick up the slack, Bill.

  • DrZanz

    He's probably waiting to get those done last seeing as it will look better pinned to the wall in a mud hut if it has more colour.

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