Bolding Going Somewhere Fancy: USS Enterprise Ring

February 13, 2014


This is the USS Enterprise ring designed by PaulMichaelDesign (of Triforce, Pokeball, Wonder Woman tiara and Nintendo controller ring fame). $595 gets you a sterling silver and topaz Enterprise, but you can have it customized all the way up to $3,895 for a platinum and diamond version. I cannot even imagine wearing $4,000 on a finger, but I bet it feels NICE. I used to wear an $18 puka shell necklace in high school and even that felt nice. Plus I think I might have worn one of those thumb rings that has another band that rotates around it. Those were cool, right? "Not at all." Then I totally don't still have it in my nightstand.

Keep going for one more shot and BONUS Han Solo in carbonite and R2-D2 rings, along with a black widow spider one I included because I thought it looked cool.





Thanks to Olivia, who doesn't so much send me tips as much as I find them on her Facebook wall. She is a SOLID RESOURCE, especially for yoga and recipes.

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