Bill Watterson's First Comic Since Retiring Calvin & Hobbes (Is A Movie Poster)

February 27, 2014


This is Bill Watterson's first publicly released comic since retiring Calvin and Hobbes in 1995. It's a poster for the cartoonist documentary Stripped, which he appears in. There's speculation the character in the poster is an older Calvin. Man, can you believe Calvin and Hobbes have been retired for 19 years? I can't even remember that far back. Truthfully, I can't even remember much before the microwavable rice pouch I had for lunch. "Maybe you should stop resting your head on the microwave when you cook something." Jesus, you sound like my mom.

Thanks to CL, who prays at night that Watterson will bring Calvin and Hobbes out of retirement. Me? I pray an asteroid will destroy earth while I sleep.

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