Beautiful Found Object Cthulhu Lamp Sculpture

February 21, 2014


This is the found object Cthulhu lamp sculpture crafted by French Canadian artist Karl Dupere-Richer. What a beautifully assembled pile of garbage. Want to bake your own Cthulhu? The ingredients!: PVC patio chair, 14 chair feet, one flowerpot, one umbrella base, two bike tires, 30 cans, many pieces of PVC pipes, one acrylic globe lights, some car body parts, a few pieces of garden hoses and about 1,000 devoured human souls.

I think the human souls thing was supposed to be a joke. Now, let's gather junk from around the house and make our own. Then when we're finished we can look at our creation and realize what a shitty job we've done because he have no business trying to make our own Cthulhu sculptures. I'll still make all my guests look at it, but I won't be proud. You know those painting classes that groups of girlfriends go to where they all paint the exact same flowery scene? It will be like that, except it will be the worst looking painting of all the friends. Wow, Cathy, who knew all these years you had so much artistic talent! "It sucks, doesn't it?" It might be actually be the worst painting in the world.

Keep going for a ton more pictures including the piece looking magnificent hanging in a bar.















Thanks to Tricia, who demands a Cthulhu chandelier for above her dining room table. YOU HAVE A DINING ROOM?

  • Guest

    silly gw,the lamp doesn't plug into the wall the souls are what makes it glow and an integral ingredient in this endeavor

  • Adam

    A friend linked this to me a couple of weeks ago but it didn't have the photos of it on the wall. It's pretty cool, but I wouldn't call it a Cthulhu lamp. It's more just a creepy octopus lamp. Cthulhu is not just an octopus.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Exactly what I thought, still amazing though.

  • Hean Sannity


  • Guest

    I like the top half, maybe flip the bottom fril upsidedown. bam, artdeco floodlight

  • Mr Retro Central

    Anyone else thinking Octodad lol

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