Band Produces An Animated 'Magic Eye' Music Video

February 5, 2014


Note: Screencap above is the singer in the middle with a microphone. Watch the video at full screen in HD. Also, be sure to watch at work so your coworkers think you're a crazy person staring at a static screen.

This is the music video for Young Rival's 'Black Is Good'. It's entirely in the style of those Magic Eye books that were all the rage in the 90's. I've never had a problem seeing Magic Eye images, and had no problem watching the video. I recommend viewing it with a friend who can't see Magic Eyes and watching them get angrier and angrier. I watched it with my roommate Derek (who, for the record, is not actually a friend) and he started raging and accused me of lying and that there isn't really anything to see. He said it ruined his whole day! Wait till he finds out I siphoned all the gas out of his car.

Keep going for the video. Your best bet is to try focusing on something behind your monitor then bringing the monitor into your line of sight without focusing on it. I also embedded a cross-eyed version that doesn't show the depth of the first one, but hey, at least you got to see something.

Thanks to Kayli, who agrees the most magical thing about Magic Eyes are being able to torture friends and family who can't see them. OMG THIS LOOKS SOOOOO COOL.

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