Austrian Designer Invents Way Cooler, Less Practical Door

February 13, 2014


This is Austrian designer Klemens Torggler demonstrating one of the kinetic sculpture doors he's created. It's pretty cool. And it is practical from a 'It doesn't swing into the room and take up any space' standpoint. But it's not very practical from a locking standpoint. I like a door that can lock. My apartment door is a bad example. It just has a hole where the knob used to be. When I go to bed at night I push a cinderblock against my side and hope for the best. *rustling, voices* Dammit, I'm on the shitter but it sounds like I'm being robbed right now.

Keep going for three worthwhile videos of different styles of his doors in action. I think you'll particularly like the second one.

Thanks to Icehawg, jules, Brax, Daniel and Scuttle, who prefer doors that are kick-downable.

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