Admit It, You Were High: 'Too Cool To Do Drugs' Pencils

February 21, 2014


This are remakes of the 'Too Cool To Do Drugs' pencils that were handed out in the 90's until people realized when you sharpened them the message changed and recalled them all. And now BRRYBNDS is selling five packs for $5. In case you're listening to this in my soothing robot voice because you can't see, the message on the pencils change from 'Too Cool To Do Drugs' to 'Cool To Do Drugs' to 'Do Drugs' to 'Drugs' to 'Rugs' to 'GS' (which I use as abbreviation for the grocery store). Unfortunately, I was not too cool growing up. I was a dork.

Thanks to Steph, who referenced that Saved By The Bell episode where the cool movie star kid comes to shoot an anti-drug PSA at the school and turns out to be smoking the reefer himself. I suspect a similar case with the people who designed these pencils. That or they were just really f***ing stupid.

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