Yowzers: Naked Street Art Style Disney Princess Pinups

January 30, 2014


Note: Remaining photos are probably NSFW on account of cartoon nipples.

This is a small series titled 'Dirtyland' by artist Dillon Boy. It features Disney princesses in the style of naked street art pinups. Honestly, they're all relatively tasteful nudes though. And tasteful nudes, as I'm sure I've expressed in the past, are my favorite kind. If you could get paid to sit on museum benches and stare at paintings of pale, chubby naked women, I would be filthy rich right now. Unfortunately, you can't. Apparently security can ask you to leave though if you start referring to the lady in the painting as your girlfriend and yelling at anybody else who tries to look her. THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND AND SHE'S NAKED, DO YOU MIND?! I almost choked out a kid on a field trip with one of those velvet ropes for trying to take a picture.

Keep going for the rest, but they do contain nipples, so use that information as you see fit (I suggest trying to press them like little buttons).



Thanks to Lukas H, who loves cartoon nipples almost as much as the real thing, which concerns me.

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