You Shouldn't Have!: The Plush Kitten Bouquet

January 28, 2014


This is the Plush Kitten Bouquet sold by ThinkGeek ($50). It comes with nine stuffed animal kitties attached to wooden stems by their collars. You get three gray, three white, and three orange. I want them ALL orange. Sweet fact: one time I bought five movie theater size bags of Skittles and picked out all the reds so I could make a bag of all reds for a girl I was interested in. She was super impressed with that. "Awwwww." Then she told me what a great friend I am and all about the guy she has a crush on that wasn't me and I went home and ate my weight in refrigerated cookie dough.

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to Katie, who agrees that kittens, like roses, should come in dozens, not nines.

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