Yolkfish, The Egg Yolk Sucking Kitchen Utensil

January 28, 2014


This is the PELEG DESIGN's Yolkfish, a small rubber kitchen utensil that can suck egg yolks out of the whites. Plus-- "You can use it on your balls?" Well 1. not if you're cooking me breakfast and 2. that's not what I was going to say, but now that you mention it, it's all that I can think about. Thanks, pervert. "Well that's the pot calling the kettle black." Listen -- if you could dig deep down in my heart you'd see I'm really a virtuous guy. And even deeper than that? My true monster form.

Keep going for a video. It sucks up egg yolks, crazy!

Thanks to Ziggi, who wishes it could also separate out the marshmallows in a box of cereal.


    there should be a Pac Man version

  • guest

    get past the perverted layer to the virtuous center and then on to the deeper layer thats just like the top one. .....Like pie.

  • Imadethisnameup

    Originally, it was going to be an asshole that sucked out the yolks; but then R&D started favoring this fish so here we are...

  • khemical

    I guess Quirky gets no love for having this made years ago?


  • Bubbubsky

    I just buy these things called "All Whites."

  • dougfunnay

    dude the yolks the best part

  • Adam


  • $65180697

    So does nobody know that you can separate the yolk from the egg white just using the halves of the eggshell?

    (Though upon watching the video, that does seem a lot faster and less messy. I suppose you could justify buying something like that if you did that a lot.)

  • grimbldoo

    I'll stick with the egg shell method, it saves both money and drawer space.

  • just1nw

    You can also just use a plastic water bottle to suck up the yolks, though I'll admit it does lack the inherent cuteness of this method.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Probably people started using plastic bottles first but I wonder if someone designed a rubber device first and someone figured out that they could use plastic bottles latter.

  • MAS

    i think this come from china first , people from china use the water bottle to take out the yolks then many of "Inventors" from US make bunch of different rubber design .

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