X-Ray Specs Allow Doctors To See Through Skin

January 10, 2014


These are the glasses designed by Evena Medical that allow doctors and nurses to see through a patient's skin and spot veins. That way when they need to stick a needle in you they don't miss. Because every time a nurse misses a vein, they're really just stabbing you.

The Evena Eyes-On uses a spectral approach where it pulses four different kinds of light that are then combined into a single composite image revealing the veins under the skin. The glasses are designed to work wirelessly to enable the doctor or nurse to work freely with them and not be restricted while they're working. The image is then shown very clearly on a connected tablet which is also able to show the patients vital signs, these are also projected into the users field of vision much like Google Glass. This lets the image be overlaid onto the patients body instead of having to switch between looking at the patient and the tablet.

Hey -- seeing through skin, that's cool. But didn't we, uh, didn't we skip the step where we can see through shirts and bras? Because I want to go back to that step if we did. It's very important to me. Did I say to me? I meant to science.

Keep going for a video demo including some needle and veinage that made me queasy because I don't do needles. Knives and swords, no problem.

Thanks to Arrogant Tiger, who, despite the name, is so humble he turned down the gold star sticker I offered him for the time I used two of his tips in a row.

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