Wow: Blizzard Celebrates 10 Years, 100,000,000 World Of Warcraft Players With An Infographic

January 29, 2014


Note: This isn't the whole thing, I had to cut it to prevent scrolling-related carpal tunnel, hit the jump to see it all.

This is an inforgraphic created by Blizzard to celebrate ten years of World of Warcraft and passing 100,000,000 lifetime players of the game. For reference, that's 100,000,000 times the number of people who have ever showed up for one of my game nights (thanks, James).

Keep going for the entire thing and get your learn on.


Thanks to PapaKaster and Deathheart14, who are part of the 1% of neutral characters who haven't sided with the Horde or Alliance. Presumably because they prefer to stay out of confrontation and just spend their time mining gold to buy the nicest gem cut recipes for jewelcrafting.

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