Worth A Watch: Priest Performing Exorcisms Via Skype

January 31, 2014


Note: Skip to 1:10 in the video for the worthwhile footage of the reverend doing his thing with demon-possessed David (who is actually possessed by four demons). Seriously, watch it.

This is a CNN news report about Reverend Bob Larson of the DWJD (Do What Jesus Did) Spiritual Freedom Church in Arizona performing demon exorcisms via Skype. I dunno, after watching Bob perform exorcisms on David I'm starting to wonder if maybe David's demon possession wasn't misdiagnosed. Or maybe he just wanted a Skype friend. Did I mention it costs $295 for an hour of online exorcism? For that kind of money I'm pretty sure I could learn to live with a demon.

Keep going for the video, then ask yourself what the hell you just watched.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who agrees we need to get ordained and get into this business. Online exorcisms: $200 via Paypal or Bitcoin.

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