Woman Spends $30K Turning House Into USS Enterprise

January 9, 2014


Line Raineville grew up watching the original Star Trek series. So what did she do when she got older? Buy the Blu-Ray special edition and call it a day? NOPE, she spent over $30,000 converting her basement into the original USS Enterprise. So, you think any man has boldly gone where no man has gone before and seen her captain's quarters? My guess is yes, and he was probably required to wear Spock ears.

Keep going for a bunch more of everybody's dream basement spaceship.












Thanks to Birge and Rick, who are both decorating their houses to look like tiki bars because they're clearly fighting over which one I'll choose to room with.

  • Paula Wright

    Whats with all the negative comments, ive been a star trek fan all of my life and so was my mum, this is fuckin awesome, its brilliant ! !,

  • kittyfire

    Should have gone with the TNG model. Part of me is so proud that a female geek did something as stupid as a male geek. And part of me just feels dirty. Ah,well. Does this come in a Firefly version?

  • The Chadwick

    As much as I love Star Trek, and I fucking love it, this is just too much. I couldn't live day in and day out I'm a place that looks like that. Its like the Brit who turned his flat into a trek themed apartment and his wife left him. It would be cool to go to a Star Trek themed hotel or if you're wealthy enough a mansion with sliding automated sliding solid wood doors, (like a Tony Stark style house, that is the kind of home that should have automated sliding doors....but this....this is just tacky and middle class ugly. It seems that the people who do this end up spending their lifesaving on something that still looks shitty and half-assed in the end. But if it makes you happy and does not ruin your life, go for it, at warp 10!

  • Major Lee Gassole

    Looks like shit.

  • Andyman7714

    I would have made the transporter room out of a shower.

  • RDarker

    Wanna bet she doesn't use that room much.

  • Kira00

    Should have made Star Trek Voyager (with the holodeck).

  • Prometheus

    If every door in the house doesn't make sound effects she wasted $30K

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