That's Depressing: Smog In Beijing Is So Bad Residents Have To Watch The Sunrise On Giant Video Screens

January 17, 2014


With air pollution nearly 26-times as dense as the World Health Organization considers safe, residents of Beijing watch the sunrise on a giant video monitor because you can't see the real thing. Pfft, who wants to see the sunrise anyways? I want to wake up at noon. Then go back to bed for an hour.

The futuristic screens installed in the Chinese capital usually advertize tourist destinations, but as the season's first wave of extremely dangerous smog hit - residents donned air masks and left their homes to watch the only place where the sun would hail over the horizon that morning.

Commuters across Beijing found themselves cloaked in a thick, gray haze on Thursday as air pollution monitors issued a severe air warning and ordered the elderly and school children to stay indoors until the quality improved.

Could you imagine getting smog days off from school? I remember growing up in Alabama sometimes we would get days off because of tornado warnings. Or "Cower in the closet crying and praying not to die" days I used to call them.

Thanks to Kevin A, who agrees sunsets are where it's at anyways. Hopefully they can see those.

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