United States Of Autocomplete: Why is [State] So ____?

January 28, 2014


This is Amazing Map's United States of Autocomplete, a guide to the 54 states-- "There's only 50." Really? This is the United States of Autocomplete, a guide to the 50 states per the first Google autocomplete result for typing, "Why is [a state] so...". As you can see, most of them are negative and were clearly typed by morons. "Just like Geekologie." Sticks and stones, homie. Is Pennsylvania really super haunted? Is that true? And Alabama is good? You mean the college football team? Alabama is only good because I used to live there, and I wouldn't even call it good, I would just call it DECENT. My mom's broccoli-cheese casserole? OUT OF THIS F***ING WORLD.

Thanks to Liza, who used to sit in front of me in Calculus II. No? Different Liza? How many of you are there?!

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