The Moment We've All Been Waiting For: 3-D Printing In Jello Shots

January 13, 2014


Jello shots are basically nature's way of sneaking alcohol into your system without it noticing right away. And now Jeroen Domburg of SpritesMods has built a 3-D printer that can print basic shapes inside of them. They're sure to be a hit at your next sausage party. PI KAPPA DELTA RULES.

Basically, the 3D printer's design was based around a couple old CD-ROM drives Domburg had lying around. By stripping the stepper motors from the drives and putting them together, he was able to create a single contraption able to move a shot glass along three axes.

A syringe, a bit of tubing and a few more salvaged CD-ROM parts and Domburg had a working 3D printer capable of printing food dye into existing Jello shots.

So basically, with a syringe and some food dye you can do the same thing freehand. Alternatively, just drink a beer. If you're feeling really creative maybe use your finger to draw a design in the foam on top. You put your finger in my beer though and I will beat you with a bar stool.

Keep going for a brief video of the 3-D printing in action.

Thanks to Robby, who doesn't drink Jello shots anymore after a fateful night of rainbow vomit.

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