That's Too Much: Guy Spends $42,000 On One-Hour Webcam Session With Fetish Model

January 9, 2014


An Australian man recently won a two-week bidding war by dropping $42,000 to spend a one-hour private webcam session with Maitresse Madelin, a dominatrix/BDSM model and p0rn performer. Wow, he must really like her.

"Basically the hour is going to include whatever it is that he wants to do," she said of her prize date yet to be scheduled.

"...he will be able to choose things like exactly what he wants me to wear, and how I'm supposed to work."

"Or if he just wants to talk for the hour which is not unusual," she added.

As for the massive fortune she's set to get in return for her 60-minute performance -- costing roughly $700 per minute -- she described herself as excited and surprised but "not completely blown away by it."

Listen, for $42,000 for an hour I will come over to your house IN PERSON and do anything you want. Don't want to do it at your place? I'll rent a hotel room with one of those vibrating beds. Like the old saying goes, "I'm not gay but $20 is $20," and this is 2,100-times that. Hell, even for $10,000 I guarantee it wouldn't make the top 100 regrets of my life.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who, for being such a loyal tipster, wins a free webcam chat with yours truly. "I'll just take the money." There is no money option.

  • Diana Modele

    I'm somewhat not surprised especially if its BDSM related. There are quite a few submissive men who are practically throwing money to femdoms. That's a lot of money.

  • ♡Goddess Robin♡

    I heard of a guy that spend $65K in one day on the website called I could not even believe it!

  • Nice Fetish and BDSM girls for you =>> !!!

  • This is not uncommon in the fetish/femdom world, but it doesn't happen every day!

  • Paul

    He could have spent months on hundreds of girls at for that kinda money. Instead he blew it all on one single girl who probably was bored with it all!

  • For that much, you could turn your house into the star ship Enterprise and still have $12k left over!

  • Bahahah, was that his OPENING bid?!?! He's aware she'd probably do whatever the F he wanted for 41,900 dollars less right?

  • Nemo Carlisle

    Obviously a publicity stunt for the womans site, wouldnt be surprised if they knew each other irl, and will never pay, or give the money back after

  • RareAwesomeman

    to be fair, if he is willing to spend 42000 for this, he probably doesn't deserve to have 42000

  • The Sash

    I should try to make Money this way, too.

  • Nikcnakc

    He had better record it and upload it otherwise its a waste of $42000

  • ZerglingPack

    I would think if he uploaded it to the internet it would defeat the purpose of his private $42,000 session. The logic being he paid 42k and then gives his expensive experience away online free of charge? Now that would be an even bigger waste of the 42k.

  • Sh17C0que

    Some pr0n sites pay for you to send in your own vid.

  • captain krunk

    ive got the feeling it will still be a waste of 42,000

  • Guest

    he had better record it and upload it or its a wast of $42000

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