That's More Like It: Shredder And Leonardo From The New Ninja Turtle Movie

January 29, 2014


Remember that kid's Ninja Turtle costume I posted last week that had us all scared Michael Bay's turtles were going to look like total shit? "I wasn't scared." That's because you are not a namby-pamby like I am. I haven't slept since I saw that picture. "Wow, you need to get a life." I need to get a lot of things, the first and foremost of which is a doctor who will actually prescribe drugs instead of meditation verses to repeat to myself. This cough isn't getting any better. So, maybe the Ninja Turtles are actually going to look decent. That's a relief. Maybe I'll actually be able to get some shut-eye tonight. Well, provided my roommate remembers to move his bed. You know how many times I've woken up to his headboard banging against the wall? Too many to count. And you know how many of those times he was actually with a girl? ZILCHEROONI. That guy masturbates like an earthquake.

Keep going for a couple shots of Shredder and a closeup of Michael Bay playing with his Ninja Turtle toys.


Thanks to Rene and my buddy Terry, who both offered to take me to the movie opening night. It's a date!

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