Super Heroines As Pulp Romance Novel Covers

January 22, 2014


This is a series of super heroines/villains on the covers of fictional romance novels (plus one Sweet Valley High knockoff) as imagined by artist Tony Fleecs. It's a great idea. You think there isn't a giant market for erotic superhero fan fiction? I could write four lines about the power of Wonder Woman's nipples and have a whole line of guys out the door waiting to pre-order a copy of the book. Probably all covering their awkward nerd boners with Captain America shields. "Stop mixing the Marvel and DC universes." Haha, I knew that would piss you off!

Keep going for a bunch more.









Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees the best fiction is EROTIC fiction. Same goes for nonfiction.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    No Powergirl? for shame.

  • the antagonist

    At least it's not Disney princesses again.

  • flargle

    Wow, are you always this miserable?

  • GreyGanado

    It's in the name.

  • Leia is in there and she's a princess, and owned by Disney...sooo...
    Plus Marvel is owned by Disney too.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    In the next decades everything will be Disney. This will trigger the apocalypse that will also be owned by Disney.

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