Star Wars Rebel Pilot Hoodies (Complete With Visors!)

January 30, 2014


This is the $40 (on sale from $80) Star Wars Rebel Pilot Costume Hoodie available from ThinkGeek. They don't look super realistic, but that's not what's important. What's important is they come with a visor that Velcros on. I thought rebel visors were more of a yellowish-orange, but whatever, red works for me. Can you imagine me riding my bike with this on? I will get all the ladies! "You will get no ladies." Only dogs will chase me. But that won't stop me from still pretending to be everybody's favorite overeating rebel pilot, Jek Tonto Porkins! "You're not even pedaling!" *heaving* Is there like, a sub shop around here?

Keep going for a shot of the helmet down and one of the back.



Thanks to my friend Caroline, who made me promise to buy her one if I posted them. Unfortunately for her, I will not be honoring that promise.

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