South Korea Building A Robot Themed Water Park

January 30, 2014


In news that made me question my belief that all water parks are either pirate or tropical island themed, South Korea has announced it's building a $625-million robot themed water park in Incheon. Wow, sounds like a great place to accidentally get electrocuted.

Among [Robot Land's] high-tech traits are a robot laboratory, a robot game arena and a robot aquarium. There will also be a water park and roller coasters because, let's face it, we all love those things.

I don't understand South Korea's fascination with robots. Of all the themes for a water park, why robots? Why not dinosaurs? Think about how awesome that would be. Plus all the water slides could be like sliding down Brachiosaurus necks. If anybody has the money to build that, you should, and I should get a free lifetime membership. Plus the right to close the park on my birthday and throw a private party. "How private?" VERY. "Just you?" I don't even want to see a lifeguard.

Keep going for a video that I'm pretty sure was made by splicing together other Youtube videos about robots.

Thanks to RobotZombies (terrible combo) and Mark, who have always dreamed of riding a water slide lubed with motor oil.

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