Some Things Are Better Left Unreal: Real Life Emoji Faces

January 16, 2014


This is a small series (there's three) of emoji faces imagined in real life. They were created as part of a campaign to raise awareness that your kids might not really know who they're chatting with online. I dunno, apparently some parents haven't talked to their kids about online creepers? That is some piss-poor parenting. Dammit, just teach your kids to internet safely. Ooh -- then make Geekologie their homepage and F5 the shit out of it.

Keep going for the other two.



Thanks to Jackson, who expressed his disappointment in them not making the angry purple devil one.

  • creepy but they are still images that make you lol

  • 42xx42xx

    The top one is also the real life face of Milo from The Oblongs.

  • Huck PS

    These are all over the Paris subway. Very freaky indeed.

  • Nope.

  • LOL! But can the interwebz PLEASE go back to using Emoticons, I LOATH the name Emoji (even if it IS shorter).

  • Ry Keener

    Emoticons and Emoji are two different things. Emoticons are characters form the keyboard used to make smiles and whatnot. :-) [like that] Emoji are special characters that are specific icons and symbols used often on mobile devices.

  • Wrongo... I've been in the game long before the internet was around. The keyboard character (or ASCII characters) combinations you refer to were originally called Smilies back in the BBS days. Then when the internet came along and replaced BBS' with forums and dedicated chat clients the software converted them into graphical representations. As the list of possibilities grew into things other than just smiley faces they became known as Emoticons (actually I believe AOL might have coined that phrase). Then about 4-5 years ago another company came along that offered these huge animated emoticons that they called Emojis. I remember seeing banner and popup ads for them all over the place. They were custom graphics emoticons for chat clients that came with a price - spyware.

    So TL;DR... ASCII character faces were smilies; those litte round graphical faces in chat clients and forums were emoticons; custom emoticon graphics that had to be installed with spyware were emoji; now everything but smilies are called emoji.

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