Signing Your Work: Surgeon Suspended After Branding Initials On Patient's Liver

January 2, 2014


Simon Bramhall, a surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, was suspended and is being investigated after a fellow surgeon discovered 'SB' seared into the liver of a patient Simon had previously worked on. Call me a traditionalist, but I would have seared a cartoon penis. Like, one that's as wide as it is long.

It is said that he used argon gas to burn his initials on the patient.

The gas is used to seal vessels, but is not usually harmful.

A source close to Mr Bramhall said that he had performed 'hundreds of transplants'.

They added: 'If an organ has been made available by the family of someone who has passed away, the last thing they would want is to find it has been violated.

'I am hoping this is just a mistake.

' I don't know what would possess someone to do that to another human being.

Maybe Simon just signed the liver so people would know who previously worked on it so they could come to him if they had any questions. Or maybe Simon is just an @$$hole. Based on his face alone, my guess is @$$hole.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who would have just sewed the patient up with a business card inside like a decent doctor.

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