RoboEarth: The Internet Built Just For Robots To Learn From Each Other, Share Kill Tactics, Human Recipes

January 15, 2014


I actually wrote about the development of RoboEarth almost four years ago, but since a lot of you weren't even born yet I thought I'd touch on it again. Touch = beat with a croquet mallet. RoboEarth: basically a real-life "central brain" Skynet that's being tested so robots can learn information from each other, take commands, plot murder, etc. TOTALLY NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

"At its core RoboEarth is a world wide web for robots: a giant network and database repository where robots can share information and learn from each other," said Rene van de Molengraft, the RoboEarth project leader.

Author James Barrat, who has written extensively about the dangers of robots gaining their own intelligence, thinks there need to be safeguards.

"In the short term, RoboEarth adds security by building in a single point of failure for all participating robots," he said.

"In the longer term, watch out when any of the nodes can evolve or otherwise improve their own software. The consequences of sharing that capability with the central 'mind' should be explored before it happens."

Hey, I like this James Barrat guy. I think he and I would could be great friends. Unless he doesn't drink, in which case it would just be a lot of sitting around watching me drink, and I don't like an audience.

Thanks to STEVE, who agrees our first line of protection against the robots should be all the people who said we had nothing to worry about.

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