Red Rover, Red Rover: Army Tank Emergency Brake Test WITH HUMAN LIVES AT STAKE

January 28, 2014


This is an emergency brake test of a German Leopard tank behind a group of 23 humans (possibly slaves/prisoners). I assume the people standing in the middle drew the shortest straws. I would have run into the woods. Also, what's the purpose of a tank with an emergency braking system anyways? I don't want a tank that can stop, I want a tank that is UNSTOPPABLE. I want a tank that only stops when it runs out of gas, which is never because it runs on the sound of crushing things. After the world ends it's just gonna be cockroaches and me in my magic tank.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dunc, who's always dreamed of commandeering a tank and driving it through an enemy's house.

  • Cliff Ansley

    The Dutch! Before the event....All the peoples in the suit have been down at the 'coffee' shops singing "Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side....Pass the Dutc...", and so on.

  • Jenne Hoekstra

    Dutch defence sais it's probably a greenscreen. First off: it has to be an old video because we don't have tanks anymore. It could be shot somewhere back in 1997. Secondly, the braking dust should cover the whole group, apparently an emergengy brake is pretty intense. Thirdly, you can see the tank appear through a head. Read the whole dutch article here:

  • westmclarenmerc

    Sorry to say this but the Dutch Army still has tanks. Not all of them have been sold or replaced yet. Of the Leopard 2 A6 we have 25 tanks in service and 116 in reserve. The majority will be sold though. And I think it would be a bad idea for the Dutch military to remove all tanks. It would make us sitting ducks when war does his our country.

  • Jenne Hoekstra

    Well, its an A5 tank. The source is the ministry of defence and a major newspaper so the truth could be somewhere in the middle:

    De tank, zo bevestigt de woordvoerder, is inderdaad een Leopard A5-tank. Omdat Defensie al anderhalf jaar geen tanks meer heeft en de Leopardtanks tot hun recente verkoop aan Finland in een loods in Drenthe stonden, vermoedt het ministerie dat het filmpje ergens tussen 1997 en 2000 gemaakt is.

  • Bob van Megen

    not to be an ass... but those are Dutch Soldiers.. not German
    We use the German leopard tanks as well

  • Ron K

    It's a scam video, the tank is projected onto a wall behind the guys and gal.
    Watch the dust/smoke - it doesn't cover the people as it should, if it were real!

  • Johnny On The Spot

    That chick is hot. just sayin'

  • Jenne Hoekstra

    For those ho think they are russian, jewish or german: It's a dutch movie. Also, the video is not public on youtube. Someone must have leaked the link. I wonder if someone is going to be in trouble for this.

  • Forblat

    Ah, Wadsworth's constant

  • VinzMeister

    As a finishing touch, God created the Dutch! ;-)

  • HackTheGibson

    Do it again when they can see it coming and see how many break ranks and run.

  • Sh17C0que

    This is gonna be Tienanmen Square, all over again.

  • Imadethisnameup

    How was this ever allowed? Jesus Christ, I know 6 army artillery majors that would loose. their. fucking. minds.

  • B19

    Those people were probably Jews

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