Rare Giant Squid Caught By Japanese Fisherman

January 14, 2014


Wow, two squid posts in one day -- Poseidon must be losing his shit at his computer right now. This is a video of the giant squid caught by Japanese fisherman Shigenori Goto. Fun fact: giant squid are rarely seen because they live so deep in the ocean and guard Atlantis.

Goto, who was fishing for yellowtails when he made his surprising catch, noticed the huge male squid around 7 a.m., according to the Japan Daily Press. Although alive at the time of its capture, the squid died soon after coming to the surface, the fisherman said.

"When I hauled up the net, the squid slowly came floating up," Goto said, according to the Daily Press. "This is the first time I've seen such a large squid."

Classified as the largest invertebrate on Earth, a mature squid can grow to twice the size of the one found in Japan.

I'm gonna be honest, its deflated eyeballs are kind of depressing me. I think it's pretty safe to say that blue tarp is not its natural habitat. I could be wrong though, I have been wrong before. Once. When I agreed to be your friend. "You don't mean that." I don't, you're all I have, now hug me till I suffocate.

Keep going for a video of the dead bastard getting poked and prodded.

Thanks to Thrillhouse and pakratt, who agree anybody who fell for that piss-poor Photoshop job of the giant squid that allegedly washed up in California has rocks for brains.

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