Please Don't Shoot Me: New R.I.P. Ammunition

January 31, 2014


This is G2 Research's new R.I.P. Ammunition, a bullet that releases eight pieces of shrapnel upon entering its target. For the record, I would not like to be shot with it. Cupid's arrow? Absolutely. I'm lonely, hit me already you fat baby.

After separation the tines travel in a semi-circle, maximizing the chance that they strike something vital.

And while the separated sharp tines go in all directions, the base of the bullet continues to penetrate in a straight line, achieving a very respectable 14- to 17- inch penetration range.

"This bullet is designed to take out all your vital organs...inferior bullets won't be a problem anymore," [G2 President Cliff] Brown said. The company president stressed prevention of law enforcement injuries was a primary focus for the round designers.

"The R.I.P. will not defeat level 3A body armor, that was one of our main goals when designing this bullet," Brown said.

Any gun and ammo experts want to weigh in on this? I don't trust myself to own a gun. Plus there's the whole felony thing. I ain't going back to prison. Sure I miss my boyfriend, but with good behavior he could be out before my 80th birthday. "There's no way you're living past 40." Ahahahhahahha, even 35 sounds like a stretch.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first an explanation of the new ammo, the second a demonstration of the bullets destroying the hell out of things.

Thanks to BC2002, ranker and Travis, who can all shoot laser beams out of their eyes and cut attackers in half. Also effective.

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