North Carolina Politician Resigns Via Klingon Letter

January 6, 2014


David Waddell resigned from his post on the Indian Trail Town Council last Thursday by penning a letter written entirely in Klingon. How anybody was able to read it to know he was resigning is beyond me.

Waddell says he opted to use Klingon, the language of a warrior race on the "Star Trek" TV shows and movies, as an inside joke. Mayor Michael Alvarez is calling the letter unprofessional.

Aahhahahhahahah -- "Mayor Michael Alvarez is calling the letter unprofessional." He sounds like a real delight to be around. Who did you vote for? "The humorless one."

Thanks to Thaylor H and Pyrblaze, who plan on resigning in hieroglyphics. Me? I'm gonna hire a stripper-gram.

  • BiggyD!!!

    Its a resignation, who cares if its professional?! The whole point is to say "I'm quitting and I no longer have to be nice to any of you people so you can all go to hell, except you Linda, you have a nice rack". Plus there are way more unprofessional resignation letter out there, like this one (FAIR WARNING: this was written by getting 4Chan users to suggest a word each, therefore the N word appears quite a lot, if that, or similar words offend you, I would probably just not click any URL on the internet)

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