No Thanks: Robosimian, NASA's New Monkey Robot

January 14, 2014


This is a video demo of NASA's Robosimian, a monkey inspired robot that looks more like a four-legged spider than a primate. I think we can all agree it does look like it would be fun to hit with a shovel though.

Designed to mimic the posture and movements of a primate, the bot is designed primarily for search and rescue operations, and this video shows it climbing and clambering over obstacles, clearing obstacles from its path, and even opening and passing through doorways.

Ugh, of course it was designed for search and rescue operations. Now I look like a jerk for suggesting I want to hit it with a shovel. Which, for the record, I 100% still do.

Keep going for a video demo of the thing crawling around and opening doors and knifing you in your sleep.

Thanks to Chez, who lied about what his tip was about to throw me off. Or sent the wrong link.

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