New World Record For Longest Man-Made Echo (Is A Solid 112-Seconds, Double The Longest I've Ever Made Love)

January 23, 2014


A new world record for the longest man-made reverberating echo has destroyed the previous record holder by a staggering 97-seconds. For reference, that would be like confidently entering the world's largest penis competition and having yours hang to your knees, while the next guy in line whips his out and destroys the f***ing planet by throwing Earth off its axis sending us careening into the sun.

Acoustic scientists emerged from the Inchindown oil storage tanks, an underground fuel depot constructed during World War II, with proof that a gun-shot fired inside the tunnel resonates for a full 112 seconds.

Prof Cox [heck yeah!] had to enter the tank through one of the 18 inch diameter oil pipes because there are no doors. The tank was designed to hold 25.5 million litres of fuel and has walls 45 cm thick. The space is about twice the length of a football pitch, 9m wide and 13.5 metres high.

The discovery marks a resounding defeat for the previous record-holder for the longest echo found in a man-made structure, the Hamilton Mausoleum, also in Scotland, where the sound of the doors being slammed shut took 15 seconds to die away to silence.

You can listen to a recording of the record-breaker after the jump, but honestly, I couldn't hear much of anything after the 22-second mark. Granted I was listening through my shitty laptop speakers, but still. At what point are not sure you're just IMAGINING an echo? It's like after your girlfriend moves out and sometimes you still hear her calling you from the bedroom. You know what I'm talking about? "You're making me sad." You? I'm making ME sad.

Keep going for the record breaker (which was a gunshot, so adjust your volume according).

Thanks to John A, who once yelled as loud as he could from the top of a mountain and was listening to the echo but had to run because a female Yeti mistook it for a mating call.

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