New Parents Name Daughter Tali'Zorah After Mass Effect

January 7, 2014


In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who's realized what a wealth of baby names there are in space, new parents Adam and [his wife's name] decided to name their new daughter Tali'Zorah. Tali is probably best known for the being the alien I decided to romance in Mass Effect II after I accidentally pissed Jack off one too many times while courting. She was sensitive.

"Tomorrow my daughter is scheduled to be born," wrote a soon-to-be-dad named Adam last night. "Since day 1 her first name was always going to be Tali'Zorah. ... My wife fell in love with the name during our first playthrough of [Mass Effect] many years ago."

"Confused friends and relatives are told 'we wanted a nice Quarian name,'" Adam added, "just because it's funny to see the confusion become worse."

You know that race of mole people that were always milling around the Citadel? "The Volus?" YES -- the Volus. I know a couple who just had a kid who should have named it after on of those little roly-poly bastards. You know what they decided to call him instead? GW. "Shouldn't you be honored?" It might be the ugliest baby I've ever seen.

Thanks to EB, who's going to name a baby Garrus Liara Grunt Shepard Normandy.

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