Match Made In Heaven: Mountain Dew Flavored Cheetos

January 7, 2014


Mountain Dew and Cheetos: the stereotypical bane of every gamer's keyboard. But do gamers actually eat Cheetos and Mountain Dew all the time? Yes. Although right now I'm on more of a Andy Capp's Hot Fries and Code Red kick. MY LIPS AND FINGERS ARE SO RED. Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos from Japan (available here for $3.50 a cup):

Everyone loves Cheetos, the crunchy cheezy treat that you have to lick your fingers to savor every flavor, but this new amazing flavor infuses American Mointain Dew with the crunchy Cheetos snack. This combo version by Frito-Lay Japan brings you a wild new flavor that's indicative of the combination, Mountain Dew flavor. We're sure you'll enjoy this limited edition version that's for "your eyes only" or those who dare to live dangerously. Made in cooperation with Pepsi, to ensure an authentic taste experience.

Wait -- "For your eyes only?" Call me old fashioned, but I buy snacks to eat, not put on a shelf and look at. These aren't superhero action figures we're talking about, they're processed corn squiggles. There's no such thing as collector's item snack foods.

Thanks to Side Effect, which may include a bad taste in your mouth, nausea, diarrhea, bloody stools, blowing out your o-ring, regret and anger.

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