Magnetic Pulse To The Brain Can Stop Migraines For Days

January 27, 2014


In news that's sure to give Magneto a proud boner, scientists have discovered that firing an electromagnetic pulse at the back of a migraine sufferer's brain can help keep the headaches at bay for several days. Putting your head in the microwave? Putting your head in the microwave will solve your headache problem in a completely different way.

The transcranial magnetic stimulator has been recommended by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [in Britain] after clinical trials showed it was effective at reducing pain

The device is held against the back of the head and a pulse of magnetic energy is released through the skull to stimulate nerves in the occipital cortex - the visual processing centre.

Although the exact causes of migraine are still in dispute, the process is thought to interrupt abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Of 164 patients treated with the device during trials, 39 per cent were found to be pain free after two hours. And 30 per cent were still without pain after 24 hours.

In a separate study, three-quarters of patients with migraine who were treated repeatedly with the device had a reduction in headache frequency.

You ever read Of Mice And Men? SPOILER ALERT: Remember when George cures Lennie's headaches at the end of the book? Those things are NEVER COMING BACK. "He shot him in the back of the head!" Yeah he did. You ever read East of Eden? Remember at the end when-- "Just stop." Fine, but you should still read Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday if you never have. I'll even let you borrow my copies if you promise not to read them on the shitter.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who cures headaches the old fashioned way: with potions bought from a witch who lives in the woods.

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