LEGO Producing A Ghostbusters Set (Ecto-1 And Minifigs)

January 31, 2014


Remember Brent Waller's (aka Orion Pax) insanely detailed Ghostbusters headquarters LEGO build? Well after consideration on their CUUSO website, LEGO has announced it's going to produce the Ecto-1 and minifigs from the set. But not the headquarters. Because that would be way too f***ing cool. Plus expensive. Pfft, like banks aren't still robbable or something.

Keep going for several closeups of the car (although the final design will probably be changed), a video of the set, and the weird, official announcement.






Thanks to RandomItems, Leslie, SpaceBijou, alan and Lucas "The Puke" Walther, who agree if there's something strange in your neighborhood you should probably just throw in the towel and move.

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