It Was THIS BIG: Largest Creatures To Ever Exist On Earth

January 27, 2014


This is an informative video about the largest creatures to ever live on earth, by type (ie. largest arthropod, largest land mammal -- both seen above, largest flying creature, etc.). Did you know the largest arthropod was an 2.5 meter (8.5-foot) millipede-looking beast that was as wide as you are and weighed over 1,000-pounds? Imagine that f***er crawling out from under your bed! I would die. Just kidding, I'd pretend I didn't see it then ask my girlfriend if she could bring me a glass of water to assess just how dangerous it was. Amazingly, the largest creature on earth to ever exist is still around -- the blue whale! That's pretty cool, huh? Granted I'd still prefer to live in the age of dinosaurs, but beggers can't be choosey. Beggers can spit on you if you don't give them any change though, so keep your distance from the rowdy looking ones.

Keep going for the video. I think I learned!

Thanks to Juliet, who, something about a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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