Uh-oh, I'm Drunk -- Eject! Eject! : Ejector Seat Bar Stools

January 17, 2014


This is one of the $13,000 bar stools made by Hanger 54 from the Martin Baker Mk10 ejector seat from a decommissioned RAF Panavia Tornado. I would drink in that. I would drink in that AND perform constant barrel rolls (technically just 360's). I love playing fighter pilots at the bar!

Me: GW to Wingman, I've spotted a hot blonde at 6-o'clock, should I engage? Over.
Wingman: That's a negative, GW. Boyfriend spotted coming back from the bathroom. Over.
Me: Shit -- already engaged! Evasive maneuvers, evasive maneuvers!
Wingman: He's locked on target and preparing to fire -- eject, eject!
Bartender: What the f*** are you two doing?
Me: Please stop ruining this for us.

Keep going for shots from all angles.





Thanks to me, who can't even fly first class without puking.

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