I'm A Beekeeper!: The USB Powered Pollen Mask

January 24, 2014


This is the USB powered pollen mask made and sold by Japanese weird shit retailer Thanko ($38). It makes the perfect accessory for anybody who wants to trick-or-treat this year as a beekeeper or nuclear power plant worker. The mask works by drawing outside air in through a pollen filter via a USB powered fan. I suggest wearing it all the time, just to be safe. You ever made love to a man in a HAZMAT suit before? Because I have. Wait -- I mean I've made that dream come true for someone else. A lady. At least I think it was a lady, we only chatted online and when we met she were wearing a spacesuit. She was actually pretty tall for a lady now that I think about it. Whatever, my point is FANTASIES WERE FULFILLED.

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