Idiot Arrested For Trying To Sell Stolen Brains To Cop

January 3, 2014


Seen here looking exactly like the kind of person I imagine would get arrested trying to sell stolen brains online, David Charles (two first names!) poses for his mug shot. David was apprehended after stealing jars of human tissue (including brains) from the Indiana Medical History Museum and selling them online. Not really the get rich quick scheme I had in mind.

Officials were tipped off by a California man who bought six jars of brain matter online and realized they had been taken from the museum, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The San Diego, Calif., buyer said he paid $600, plus $70 for shipping, to purchase the six jars of tissue.

Charles was arrested Dec. 16 after agreeing to sell human tissue to an undercover officer.

Police said a detective met Charles in the parking lot of an Indianapolis Dairy Queen, and arranged to buy a duffle bag containing 48 jars of human tissue.

Wait -- I want to hear more about this California man that paid $670 for six jars of human tissue. Why is he not being investigated? Who the hell buys jars of body parts? What is he, a mad scientist? I'm sorry, but anybody buying jars of brains is up to no good.

Thanks to brownkidd, who agrees stolen dinosaur bones are where the real money is at (I'll pay top dollar).

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