High On Video Games: Nintendo Branded Ecstasy

January 24, 2014


These are the Nintendo branded ecstasy pills recently spotted around the Belgium club scene. My scene? Dark bars where you have to sit with your back to a wall because you never know when somebody is gonna feel stabby. Per a user's experience:

12pm - both rolling hard, i'm guessing because it's our first time its real strong for us, we're rolling everywhere, staring at my lampshade and laughing for ages, saying how pretty the walls and lights are! But my friend seems to be much higher than me so i drop the other half

1am - from this point on everything is a bit of a blur, the other half kicked in hard and i felt on top of the world, we were both so euphoric and empathetic we spent one second dancing and the next minute cuddling saying we loved each other (we're both straight, known each other since we were 10)but it just felt so right at the time HAHA

I love how dude felt the need to explain he and his buddy are both straight after saying they were cuddling and saying they love each other. Reminds me of the time a buddy and I got all f***ed up and gave each other slow handjobs. We're totally straight though, it just felt so right at the time, LOL. Don't do drugs, kids.

Thanks to Erin B., who agrees we should slap one of those suckers in a Game Genie and see what kind of cheats we get.

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