Hero-Glyphics: Modern Heroes In Ancient Scrolls

January 10, 2014


These are Hero-Glyphics, a series of drawings by artist Josh Lane featuring modern heroes in ancient hieroglyphic scrolls. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but not much does anymore. And guess what -- I'm tired of looking for answers. You know what happens when you dig down to the bottom of something? You end up disappointed. I'm at the point where I'd just rather not know. Like back in medieval times they thought sorcerers were responsible for everything science has explained since, but you know what? Sometimes I wish it was all still magic.

Keep going for a bunch more including Star Trek, Avengers, Spider Man, let me think what else there was um...shit, oh -- Power Rangers. Plus more. You can buy prints HERE.







Thanks to me, for being such a trainwreck of a human being to wake up every morning and torture myself until sleep.

  • Sean Ellery

    Looks like some 6 year old drew them and then Dad wacked a few hieroglyphics around them and said to everyone - "Hey look how talented and edgy my kid is!"

  • Matthew Anderson

    Hey, it's really hard to draw bad!

  • Kind of an interesting idea. But mostly it just looks like hieroglyphics with different characters drawn on it with overly thin bodies.

  • Adibobea9

    Agreed. Concepts are only nice if executed great. This is why so many concepts in video games and movies rarely live up to the expectations. I would like to see this done with more talent…

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