Guy Makes Stop Motion Animation Using A Year Of Selfies

January 15, 2014


Note: You have to hit the jump to see the gif if you're on the main page because it's 14MB and was making the site run slow because our servers are on Mars.

This is an animated GIF made by 23-year old Kyle Warfield make from a cleverly planned year of selfies. I liked the part where he drools. I do that. Then his face melted, that's only happened to me a handful of times when SKIP THIS ARTICLE IF YOU ARE PART OF MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY: I was on drugs. Just kidding, I've never seen my face melt. I have seen a piece of oily ham try to crawl off my plate and dive onto the floor at Cracker Barrel though. The Country Store felt like a haunted house in the woods. Then I got into a conversation in the parking lot with a group of parking cones THAT ALL HAD INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES. Fantastic group of guys, wish I could have stayed to chat longer but there was a f***ing cow trying to creep on me.

Keep going for the gif.


Thanks to V, who agrees you should never stop to talk to a cow when you've eaten as many hamburgers as I have.

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