Guy Builds Adult-Size, Street-Legal Little Tikes Car

January 30, 2014


British man John Bitmead spent over 1,000 hours and £4,000 (~$6,500) building a street-legal version of a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car. Why? I'm not sure, apparently he doesn't share the same dream as you and I. "Which is?" A Flintstones-mobile! Allegedly the gas-powered car can even reach 70MPH (110km/h). Of course, the the only place you're going 70MPH in that thing is through the invisible windshield. Did I ever tell you I got in a car accident once and cracked the windshield with my head? The doctor thinks that might be why I *passes out, pisses myself*

Keep going for another shot and a BBC news report.


Thanks to Pogonophile, who wants to build a street-legal version of a Power Wheels Jeep. They make those, they're called Jeeps.

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